Upcoming Events

SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition - SHRM21
Chicago, IL
June 20 - 23, 2021
Virtual pass options now available!

2021 IPMA-HR International Training Conference & Expo
Indianapolis, IN
September 18-22, 2021

The following live events have taken place and are now available in recorded format from the TrainHR web-site:

​​​Benefits & Employee Wellbeing


Organizational Design/Change  

Performance Management

  • Three Keys to Performance Management
  • Cutting Edge Organizations Sustain Talent Through Commitment to Performance Affirmation
  • The Ten Mistakes the Managers Make in the Performance Management Process
  • The Ten Most Common Mistakes that Managers Make in Executing Performance Management

Policy and Regulations

  • ​​Policy and Procedural Language Authorship
  • ​Federal Update: ADAAA
  • Employee Free Choice Act
  • ​Case Study Analysis - Testing Your HR Knowledge

Recruitment & Retention

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Traaen & Associates LLC

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Archive of ENEWS Articles


Employee Relations


  • Teams & Decision Architecture
  • Designing Your Organization's Leadership Style
  • The Role of Meeting Facilitator
  • Organizational Climate and Your Role as Leader
  • Legacy Work
  • Decision Making and Accountability
  • ​Incomplete Communication = Incomplete Leadership
  • Time, Multitasking and the Race to Failure
  • A Time for Reflection
  • Power - A Tool or a Weapon
  • Accountability and Leadership in Today's Changing Environment
  • Inhibiting Success and Guaranteeing Team Failure
  • International Municipal Clerk's Institute - Nashville, TN Summary
  • The Ten Keys to Sustaining Vital Community and Business Partnerships
  • Power, Ethics, and Leadership for Arizona
  • ​Mastering Team Accountability
  • Leading from the Center
  • Using Encore Leaders to Move Your Organization Forward in Today's Marketplace
  • Leading and Risk: Balancing Both from the Inside
  • The Role of HR in Navigating an Organization Through Unprincipled Leadership
  • ​Moving a Team from Static to Excelling - Six Keys to Achievement
  • Leadership Communication: Suspending Your Judgment Long Enough to Hear the Noise
  • Principled Leadership in Today's Marketplace
  • Guiding the Work of High Performers:Creating Your Next Generation of Mentors
  • Designing a Leadership Academy That Works
  • Professional Relationships Beyond Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Coaching the Marginal Performer and the Marginal Organization
  • Leading in the Aftermath of a Crisis: The Role of HR in Turning an Organization's Climate Around
  • Motivating Employees to Excelling Performance During Economic Adversity
  • Why Ethics Based Leadership is Vital to the Foundation of Every Organization - Now More Than Ever
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Tackling the Undiscussable: Charting a Leadership Course for the Future
  • Recent Doctoral Research: AZ Police Chiefs Determine Framework for Sustained Leadership Inside their Agencies.
  • Ethics for Public Elected/Appointed Officials - summary of IAFC Fire Rescue Annual Confrerence Session
  • Leading Your Organization's HR Function in the Face of Extreme Narional Economic Strife
  • Growing a New Leader
  • The Practice of Ethics Based Leadership